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Please read and understand this disclaimer and terms of use before browsing the Unique Mind Psychology Practice website.


The content of this site is for informational purposes only. The Unique Mind Psychology Practice website provides links to other websites and resources. The provision of any URL/link or recommended reading material is done for the convenience of users of this internet site. The content of these resources is not produced or monitored by Unique Mind Psychology Practice, and therefore no responsibility is taken for the content accessed outside of this website.


Although Unique Mind Psychology Practice endeavours to respond to phone, fax and email communications as soon as possible, there is no set timeframe on this. Urgent matters need to be directed to appropriate emergency and/or professional services listed on this website. No individual should delay contacting professional support services or attending hospital departments/GP practices, if they require immediate medical or psychological support, and are waiting for reply communication. Unique Mind Psychology Practice takes no responsibility for the safety or wellbeing of potential clients.


Unique Mind Psychology Practice reserves the right to alter, amend, vary or otherwise change any information on this website at any time and without consent from website users.


By reading this and/or by browsing the Unique Mind Psychology Practice website, you have agreed to this disclaimer, as well as the website's terms and conditions of use. If you do not agree to this disclaimer or the terms and conditions of use, you should cease your use of this website immediately.

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