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Kaylah receives referrals from general practitioners (GPs), psychiatrists, and other allied health professionals. Individuals are welcome to call to arrange sessions without a referral. Information will be offered about your potential eligibility to receive financial support through obtaining a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) under the Better Access to Mental Health Care Initiative. 

A MHCP is prepared by a GP, which will include an assessment/professional opinion of your mental health needs, statement of goals for treatment and recommended treatment options. Your GP will also write a referral letter to a psychologist with a request for your commencement of mental health treatment.

A valid General Practitioner (GP) Referral under a MHCP should include:

  • Client nameDate of Birth & Residential address

  • Date of referral

  • A statement of diagnosis/professional opinion of current mental health needs.

  • A statement about whether the client has a MHCP in place. 

  • The number of sessions required under course of treatment (6 initial sessions  or 4 additional sessions).

  • Details of referring GP (Name, Medicare Provider Number, GP signature).

Fees & Rebates

Kaylah is a registered Clinical Psychologist. Clients are eligible to receive the maximum Medicare rebate when accessing sessions with a valid MHCP under the Better Access to Mental Health Care Initiative. This initiative entitles you to receive 10 Medicare-subsidised sessions per calendar year (1st Jan - 31st Dec). The 10 sessions are cumulative, and do not 'reset' if you see a new psychologist/attend a different psychology clinic within the same year. Please let Kaylah know if you have had sessions with a different psychologist within the same year. 

Unique Mind Psychology Practice's fees are below the recommended consultation rate set by the Australian Psychological Society (APS). Please contact Kaylah to discuss specific consultation fees. 

Structure of Sessions under the Better Access to Mental Health Care Initiative:

  • Your GP will initially refer you for 6 sessions. 

  • Upon completion of the 6 sessions, you are required to return to your GP where you can be approved to access a further 4 sessions. 

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