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  • What is the first step?
    When you initially contact Unique Mind Psychology Practice, you will have a brief phone discussion with Kaylah. The information collected will allow Kaylah to determine whether she is the best match to support your unique mental health needs. ​ You can then schedule an initial session. Prior to your initial session, it is strongly encouraged that you visit your GP to obtain a referral letter and Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) under the Better Access Initiative - see below for further information about the Better Access Initiative. You are able to schedule and attend an initial session without a referral and MHCP, however you will not be eligible to receive a Medicare rebate.
  • What can I expect to happen in my initial session?
    Your initial 50-minute session gives you the space to talk about what you are seeking support for. Kaylah will also ask questions to guide the discussion and get to know you. You will likely talk about some of your personal history (e.g., family history, past life experiences), as well as the concerns/difficulties you are currently facing. We will then discuss possible pathways to resolve or manage your concerns/difficulties; and develop therapy goals for subsequent sessions. Please note: An initial session with any psychologist is a place where you can consider whether you feel there is a 'good fit' between yourself and the psychologist. There is no obligation to continue scheduling sessions if you don't connect with a psychologist, or if you feel another psychologist might be better suited to meeting your needs.
  • What can I expect to happen in my subsequent sessions?
    Following an initial session, you are able to engage in ongoing therapy sessions, which are also 50-minutes in length. Your ongoing therapy sessions have the overarching purpose of making progress towards/achieving your treatment goals. It is recommended that ongoing sessions occur on a regular basis, particularly at the beginning of treatment. This is often guided by the evidence-based interventions being used in your sessions. However, based on your needs, sessions can also be spaced further apart.
  • How many sessions will I need?
    As every individual has unique mental health needs, the number of sessions that people require, varies greatly. Some people may only require a small number of sessions to observe some improvements, whereas other people might require a longer engagement in psychology sessions. The therapeutic process is largely dependent on your mental health needs, motivation/readiness for change, resources and goals for therapy.
  • Can a third party fund my sessions (e.g., Workcover, NDIS, TAC, Victims of Crime etc. )?
    Kaylah does not provide treatment to clients funded by third parties. However, there are a number of psychologists that accept clients under this funding structure, who can be found using the APS Find a Psychologist search.
  • How do Telehealth services work?
    Telehealth has been added as an alternative to in-person psychological treatment sessions. Telehealth sessions are delivered using digital devices (e.g., laptop/computer, smartphone, iPad, tablet, mobile etc.) and can be conducted as a videoconference/video-call or standard phone-call. You will require access to a quiet/private space, with a reliable internet connection. Unique Mind Psychology Practice has a preference to use COVIU to deliver Telehealth videoconference calls. COVIU is endorsed by the Australian Psychological Society (APS) as a secure platform for clinicians to deliver sessions remotely. For more information about COVIU, please click here:
  • Is there anything I need to do prior to commencing a Telehealth session?
    To get the most benefit from Telehealth, please consider the following prior to undertaking your session. Ensure you have a private space: Your Telehealth sessions should be treated like a typical face-to-face/in-person session, which is private and confidential. When choosing a location for your Telehealth session, think about who else will be in the room, who could over-hear your conversation etc. Remove and/or minimise distractions: Make sure non-essential mobile notifications are switched off, remove background noise (e.g., television/music) and ensure children/pets are cared for during the session so you don’t need to attend to them. Access to technology: Ensure you have a reliable internet connection for videoconferencing or telephone/mobile (with stable coverage). Presentation: A Telehealth session is the same as a typical face-to-face session, just a different means of delivery. Please present yourself like you would if you were attending a session at the clinic. Please note, there will always be the chance of encountering technological difficulties when choosing to complete Telehealth sessions. We do our best to manage these when they arise.
  • What is the 'Better Access to Mental Health Care Initiative’ and how do I obtain a Mental Health Care Plan?
    The Better Access to Mental Health Care Initiative (Better Access Scheme) allows individuals to receive 10 Medicare-subsidised sessions per calendar year (Jan 1st - Dec 31st). This means you will receive a Medicare rebate for 10 sessions. To obtain a Mental Health Care Plan under the Better Access Scheme, you will need to visit your GP. Your GP will initially refer you for 6 sessions. After these sessions have been completed, your psychologist is required to write a treatment progress letter to your GP. Your GP will then review your MHCP and approve access to the next 4 sessions. Further information can be found on:
  • Can sessions be bulk-billed?
    Sessions are not bulk-billed at Unique Mind Psychology Practice. If you are experiencing financial difficulties or require sessions to be bulk-billed for another reason, Kaylah is more than willing to discuss options to make treatment more accessible.
  • Can I use Private Health cover?
    You will need to check with your private health provider to determine whether you have cover for Allied Health services/Psychology. If you are covered, your private health fund provider will be able to tell you the exact amount of your rebate, as these are different for each provider.
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